Opposite speech
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Trying to find a reference about a type of conversation where what ever you say the other person will have an opposing statement, not because they disagree but because they say something "anti" in every case. "Confrontational conversation" maybe??
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Devil's advocate?
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Contrarianism? Caviling?
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yep, contrarian
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Response by poster: Close but seem to remember a certain term for it. Not a situation where they other person disagrees but more where they have to knock down or reduce the impact of your statement i.e.

"We should go it is a quarter to 5" "

"No, more like 4:48"
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Deborah Tannen had a book in 1998 called The Argument Culture [NYT] perhaps that?

Hm, but I suspect you may mean Gretchen Rubin's term oppositional conversation style.
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One upmanship.
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The definitive treatise
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I think in communications studies this is referred to as disconfirmation or disconfirming communication.
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i know this technique as the Brother-in Law™. It's marked by "Well, not really," "well, yes and no" and "Actually, what really happened was..." All three instances are grounds for anthrax poisoning.
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Monty Python's Argument Clinic sketch seems relevant here.
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