For a traveller, where is the fastest internet in Seattle?
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I will be heading to Seattle and I have about 20 GB of videos I need to upload while I'm there. Is there anywhere in the Seattle area that is accessible to the public with fast internet? Or even something like a co-working space available at a modest price?
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"The WAPs at Union Square downtown have 50mbit symmetric internet. The routers have enough reach to put a fairly good signal into MOD pizza."

And, no mention of upload speed, but I'll bet it's not bad ...

"Moe Bar on Capitol Hill has a 75Mbps downlink speed and free wifi (if you're sipping a beer)"
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Symmetric means 50mb upload, also.
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I think "no mention of upload speed" referred to the wifi at MOE Bar.

FWIW, although it sounds like Union Sq is faster than either of these: Metrix (at the other end of Broadway from Moe) has 50/10 internet (wifi or ethernet); the public library doesn't immediately state its bandwidth but they have wireless & wired and there's some kind of temporary pass you can get as a visitor.
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Woe unto thee that wants to upload 20 gigs over Wifi, or even a beefy wired public access points. Could you copy all the files onto an SD card and mail it to a friend to upload?
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Uptown Espresso in the Soth Lake Union neighborhood has a decent signal for free WiFi from CondoInternet. As i recall it was blazing fast when I speedtested it, but that was a while ago and it has seemed slower since. Still, it is a healthy connection
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I don't know how fast the library's internet is, but the Central Library (downtown) has both free wifi and laptop plug-in internet access.
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