Getting good electronic dance music in Vancouver, BC
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Where does a thirty-something resident of Vancouver go for electronic dance music?

Similar to this older Ask Mefi thread, I'm looking for good electronic music in Vancouver, BC. My tastes are a little more mainstream than hers, but the spirit's close.

I've always loved electronic music across most genres but never had friends who were into it, so I've been shy about getting out to shows/nights. In the 90s I was too young for raves. I feel like I missed out. In the early '00s I knew I could at least get good Deep House from DJ Leanne on Sundays at Shine. I know no such thing these days, but it's time to get out there – alone, if I have to. It's time for dance music!

My tastes, FWIW: Right now I'm mostly listening to the UKF podcast (loved Submotion Orchestra, Document One... it's D&B/"dubstep" ;) ) and the Above & Beyond Group Therapy podcast (trance-y stuff). Big, fun, sweet electronic music. I've not had a lot of success with Resident Advisor - too sober for me, generally speaking. But maybe I'd like that sound more in a live setting. Like I said, all genres are good. My only hard-line turn-off is MCs.

I'd prefer to avoid line-ups and bar stars. I'd like to meet people who are genuinely there for the music, or I'd at least like to find an amiable crowd.

Maybe that'll lead to figuring out where to go/who to talk to about underground parties, but baby steps, right?

Any recommendations, pro-tips, and/or leads I can follow are all greatly appreciated. (Including cheap flights to the UK/Europe.)
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A great bunch of people, been around for about 15 years, night at the Anza every month or two plus 2-3 other bigger parties a year culminating in an annual out-in-the-woods 2-day summer party, Tracemission.

It's about the music, hanging out, low-key and super friendly.
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There are good events at Open Studios every couple of weeks -- this would be my first pick. Often advertised via their Facebook page. Good sound, really chill crowd, kind of a semi-underground vibe -- definitely a place people come to dance to good music. According to a comment on that page (would it kill them to post a calendar somewhere), upcoming events are: " jan 26th is Max Ulis and Lighta, feb 15 is subversive and peter van hosen, feb 23 rd is a max ulis house and techno night".

Intimate Productions run good electronic shows in mainstream clubs. Always do a Sunday on the long weekend - one coming up.

The Burning Man scene throws lots of parties locally that might float your boat, especially if you feel like you missed out on raves, and I speak from experience that it is not too late my friend! There's a big one tomorrow night by eatArt at the Great Northern Way Campus (linky)
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