How to best trim a beard with scissors?
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What are your best practices and tools for trimming a beard with scissors (and without an electric trimmer)?

I've grown a winter beard and would like to keep it neat. There are other good threads recommending electric trimmers, but I prefer to use scissors, a comb, and then a razor to clean up close spots.

Can you give recommendations for excellent, sharp scissors suited to the task? What about combs? And what are your best tips and techniques?
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Personally, I've used whatever scissors are at hand and whatever comb is near. I go slowly and determinedly but with the understanding that if I chop off too much I can even it up on the other side and in a couple of weeks it'll grow back anyway.
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Best answer: I've been trimming my husband's beard for 18 years. I prefer using barber scissors (just a cheap Ice pair) rather than generic scissors. My everyday scissors aren't as sharp or smooth which makes hair trimming harder.

First I comb it out to its bushy fullness. Next I trim it short from ear to ear on the bottom edge. Then I trim everything to a uniform length and comb it back into place. For the mustache I just trim a line right above his lip.
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