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I am a recent PR/communications graduate. I was wondering if there was a place to find freelance/volunteer opportunities in order to build my resume and experience?
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Where are you located? That would help. Have you contacted alumni, etc.?
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My recommendation would be: get your limited resume ready. Call PR agencies directly yourself with an offer and an honest explanation of what you are looking for and why. Be prepared to make a minimum commitment in terms of time and to describe your special skill sets. Get names of VPs or executives you think you'd like to approach before you make the pitch. If you're capable of successfully pitching yourself in a cold call, then chances are they'll be interested in giving you a chance.
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In my experience non-profits are always looking for social media/development/PR interns. Check out the websites of local non-profits to see if they are looking and you could also try cold-calling.
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Where do you live? Is there an organization like the Taproot Foundation that you could work with?

Failing that, I would find an organization that does something you are passionate about and offer your services there. You might have to do some "regular" volunteering to establish a rapport and build their trust, but generally non-profits are happy to have people volunteer to do things!
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Idealist is worth a try.

If you're in the U.S., your local United Way website will probably have listings of volunteer opportunities.
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Sparked Microvolunteering might be good if you want to practice on shorter projects.
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