An Awesome Bay Area Plumber
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I'm looking for recommendations of a good plumber in the Bay Area, ideally SF

In an attempt to fix my girlfriends toilet I've done damage I can't repair. I've only dealt with one plumbing company since moving to the bay, the one my employers use, and I have no faith in them, so I'm looking for recommendations to pass along.
Especially interested to hear from lady MeFites as she'll most likely be alone with this person while they do their work.
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Angie's List is a great resource for this type of question. You may even find someone on CL who will share their subscription with you.
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Call several real estate agents and ask them who they would recommend. Real estate agents constantly need work done on places they will be selling. They get pretty picky about the quality of craftpeople they use.
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Thanks for the effort but I'm really just looking for personal recommendations here. It's pretty explicit in the post.
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We used Grace Santana, about ten years ago and the work (plumbing in a washing machine) was immaculate.

Note that she may ask how big your street is and what the cleaning days are: Apparently her plumbing truck can't get down some of the narrow streets!
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I've had good luck with Friendly Plumber. Yeah, site looks cheesy, but he's good.
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I was very impressed by Michael Your Plumber. East bay but great.
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I did not have a great experience with Michael Your Plumber. He is an extemely nice guy, though.

I was very happy with Olivero Plumbing and I also found Everest Plumbing to be very well recommended. These are also primarily East Bay recommendations too.
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Everyone in my neighborhood recommends Heise's Plumbing. We've used them before and were happy with the work.
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And just read the end part about ladies. The people we've dealt with there were men but as a woman, I was totally comfortable with them.
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