Family lawyer in Winnipeg
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Can you recommend a good divorce lawyer in Winnipeg (MB), Canada? Or, if you can't, can you tell me how I can find one?

I wouldn't know how to begin looking. My friends and family are not a good resource in this case.
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Best answer: You could try contacting the local law society, the Law Society of Manitoba, for some referrals.

Law societies "concern themselves with public access to justice", and in that capacity often run public interest law referral programs. It's a good place to start, anyway.

(This looks like the page for their referral service.)
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Best answer: I can't recommend a particular lawyer, but my experiences with Pitblado as a firm have always been stellar.

Here are their family lawyers.
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Best answer: Call a lawyer in Winnipeg who does not handle divorce. Ask that lawyer for a referral to one who does. Lawyers do not like to refer people to shitty lawyers. For further assurance, call multiple lawyers until you hear the same name a couple times.

I am a lawyer, and this is what I would do if I didn't know any attorneys in the area.
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