Blogs/websites about upcoming fashion trends?
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Are there any reliable blogs/websites that talk about upcoming fashion trends?

I'm aware of the Vogue trend report but is there something equivalent that talks about trends as they enter mainstream fashion as opposed to trends seen on the catwalk.
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There's a whole market research firm devoted to this: WGSN. They don't give away much for free though.
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NET-A-PORTER has pretty solid editorial content.
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I like the various street style blogs for this (if you're just looking for personal use and not because you work for the Gap or something).

Whatever is on the Japanese and European ones right now will start trickling down to super-hip circles in the states within the year. That, in turn, will start affecting the major retails another six months or a year after that.

Street Peeper is a good general hub for these sorts of blogs. Look especially at Paris, London, Tokyo, Berlin, and Stockholm.
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I don't think Topshop have a blog, but their site would be worth keeping an eye on - their whole business model is based on spotting trends on the catwalk or the street and taking advantage of them, and as a high street store that prides itself on being a bit edgy - they show at London Fashion Week but have stores all round the country - they'll usually be the first mass-market point for trends.

I know the US has fast-fashion stores as well but I'm not sure how closely they pay attention to catwalk style.
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Thank you for these links! Street Peeper was especially interesting. I do not think I will ever look that cool.
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For interesting discussion about up-and-coming designers, check out Style Bubble by fashion superhero Susie Lau. Her favourites bar is also worth a trawl for new eye candy.

If you like Street Peeper, you'll probably like Jak & Jil by Tommy Ton, who reliably photographs the same in-crowd, with a bit more emphasis on the menswear.

And if you like looking at great cutting-edge street wear, I strongly recommend DROPTOKYO, for miles and miles of Japanese twenty-somethings who will always be cooler than you are.
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