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What blogs am I missing out on?

It seems like I read the same usual suspects every day and while they're great, I'm looking for something new.

I am mainly interested in macs and pogressive/left-wing politics. For politics, my regulars are: crooksandliars, dailykos, and thinkprogress.

For macs I usually check out macminute and The Unofficial Apple Weblog. I'm primarily interested in cool software and easy hacks. I'm not big on programming except for CSS.

I also really like boingboing and other directories like blogdex, just to keep up with what's going on in the 'sphere.

I'm looking for blogs that offer pithy enteries as I read mostly at work and need to sneak peaks when The Man isn't watching. Can you offer suggestions of similarly themed sites? Thanks so much.

I read mostly at work, so
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Are you completely repelled by the idea of making yourself aware of how the other side(s) live? Say, Windows, Linux, or Solaris content blogs? Or centrist, conservative, or right-wing blogs? A steady diet of bloggers telling you exactly what you want to hear can be boring after a while.
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I have little use for other OS blogs as I only have a mac. It doesn't do me a lot of good to know how to get under the hood of a Linux machine seeing as how I don't use that operating system.

Regarding politics: even democrats disagree, believe it or not. Plus, I watch Fox News all the time at home. So there.
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I'm not sure what you consider the "usual suspects", but I like reading LifeHacker - they specialize in ways to use technology to make life better and they often feature a download of the day for cool software.
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MacNN is updated daily.
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Alright. Alright.

Low End Mac. I like the "Today in Low End Mac History" stuff.
Cunning Realist.
Slate, occasionally.
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I am marginally left of center and enjoy John Cole's Balloon Juice, speaking of "how the other half lives." It's certainly no Kos but I am very interested in the outlooks and insights of people of a more republican bent who don't like the religious whackery in their party. Sometimes I want to punch him in the nose but I find the time I spend reading there valuable.
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For some smart blogs with large amounts of lefty/progressive content:

Follow Me Here
Whiskey Bar

(but Amygdala and Follow Me Here are general and cover a lot of other territory, too.)

Unfortunately for pithy at-work reading, they all regularly have long articles.
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eyebeam reblog
the fudge said no (full disclosure and whatnot: I'm a contributor)
the memory blog
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I love fark.com - although I wouldn't consider it a blog, I always see it referenced as one.
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I really enjoy Gizmodo for all that is new in the way of gadgets. Lifehacker has some interesting info of making life easier. If you want to read some searing commentary you might take a look at my site, Vaticinari. At one time I was an independent, but now my opinions would make Michael Moore blush.
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