UK Tax Software question, idiot's guide?
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This is the first year my SO and I will file a Partnership Return for additional income, but I'm finding the various options almost

Asking anonymously because I'm deeply embarrassed I haven't worked this out. Because our additional freelance income is so straightforward (and small) I committed to doing all the book-keeping and returns as my SO does the lions share of the added activity. I want to give it one more try before I give up and hand it over to an accountant just for my own self-esteem.
I have all receipts and income & expenses on Excel and have carefully checked that they are allowable expenses.
Several of the recommended software packages need to be linked to a dedicated business bank account, we started earning additional income in dribs and drabs and for the first year before we realised it was necessary it went into shoring up mortgage, credit card debt, current account you name it. We have a list of the payments received.
some of the packages are not Mac compatible.
are there any affordable (under £100 for one partnership application) Mac friendly software that is HMRC compliant for submission of a simple partnership submission?
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My business partner used Andica SA800 and said it was straightforward if you have all the numbers to hand. Cost a bit less than £20 but unfortunately it runs on Windows.
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