Goals and To-Dos - best tools, resources?
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I'm looking for the best tool to maintain a list of long-term goals and a resource for generating short-term ones.

I have two desires right now:

#1 - to create a list of year/long-term/life goals
#2 - to have a series of to-dos/calendar events that remind me to take care of certain necessary tasks

Accomplishing #2 will help with certain items found in #1, so I figured these questions work together. A little more explanation:

#1 - I've looked at 43 Things, thought about just making a list on my own computer, etc. I think I want the public nature of a web app type thing to put my "life list" in vs just having it for me to see. I wish 43 Things had a private option for a couple items. I've checked out the recently launched Go Mighty and I like the idea but the interface is a bit clunky which is turning me off a little. Do any of you maintain a life/goal list online and what are your favorite options?

#2 - So, some of the life list goals are "be more organized" and whatnot. I'd like to find links/examples of calendars that have stuff like lists of things to do each month throughout the year. Stuff like "clean your fridge vent in June" "clean gutters in September" and the like, but also for car maintenance and stuff that I might not even be thinking of. I feel like Martha Stewart used to have something like this on her site, but it was like HER list of stuff to do, so it involved organizing her chicken coops in April. Not something I personally need to do, but the concept was there.

I don't necessarily need a super-mega list of everything in one place as I'm planning on entering it all into a dedicated calendar, but having a few good resources would be helpful. Thanks all!
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Astrid is a really great app for creating lists with varying time frames.
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My own personal system is to use Trello for a long term, high level, big picture view, and then when I'm ready to tackle a task, move it to Google Calendar with a recurring smaller task until the larger task is finished.
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Response by poster: Hmm - I guess maybe I should clarify a bit that I'm not really looking for a task manager.

For part #1, 43 Things and Go Mighty are VERY close to what I want and might be what I want if nothing else better exists.

For part #2, an example would be stuff like this. In fact, I'll probably use a lot of that, but if you have more links/better links, I welcome them!
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Same or similar question asked a lot recently, including here and here.
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Response by poster: Thanks all - I guess I didn't really explain my question well enough and/or the things I listed are already the answers to what I'm looking for OR the thing I want doesn't actually exist.
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Does the "tool" have to something technological? I just bought a corkboard which I have hung up in my kitchen and pinned various bits of paper with To-Do lists and long-term goals on. I can't help but see it several times every day.
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Lifetick? Goals on Track? Mindbloom? I confess I haven't stuck with any of these, pen and paper work best for me, but they're fun to play with and you might have a better go of it!

A search for 'monthly checklist' turns up a ton.. RealSimple has some useful, though overwhelming ones.
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