Best method for selling 700 cds -- in Austin
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I've got maybe 700 cds, I hardly ever use them, I'm all on mp3 player now. They are taking up lots of space, they're annoying, I'm not going to listen to them. So I want to get shed of them. But how?

I do not want to sell them on ebay, one at a time -- talk about a wrist-slitter. Man. But maybe I could sell batches of them on eBay? Like maybe list all the cd's, then give the buyer the option to use "Buy It Now" and then buy any five cd's for ten bucks or fifteen bucks or ??

Or maybe propose the same thing on craglist -- put copy of all records up, offer to sell as a big honkin' batch.

How much can I get for a cd, anyways?

Or is there a way I can just walk in somewhere and drop them off, get a couple hundred bucks in store credit or whatever. Who in Austin could do that? Cheapos closed last month after hard times over the past few years -- CDs are really dying off now, and fast.

Where in Austin can I sell these? Or wherever else, if they'd need to be shipped I'd do it, if it was the right situation.

One thing about selling them locally is that I've got many local artists, and those cd's would fly out the door I think.

Any help you can provide greatly appreciated.


I did check, there were previous questions regardling this, but they were over three years old, a lifetime in tech stuff
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SXSW is coming up - can you set up a table somewhere yard sale style? This would work better if you live (or know someone who lives) near the main drag.
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MusicMagpie claim they will buy your second-hand CDs off you, and will pay your shipping costs if you have over 25 items. Possibly won't get as much money as selling them individually directly or by eBay, but at least would enable you to get rid of them all in one go.
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I searched eBay's completed auctions for "CD lot choose" and got a lot of results. Here's someone who managed to sell 21 lots of 10 CDs at $19.95 per lot, free shipping. After eBay, PayPal and shipping fees, that's probably on the order of $1.25 per CD, and it would require that you edit the listing as CDs sell, and be able to find them easily so that you can ship them off.
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I would Craigslist them as a lot for $400 or so unless you have a lot of unique stuff.
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Why not secondspin? I sold several hundred CDs and made several hundred dollars....
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eBay, sold in lots, would be the best bet. I've had great luck unloading grouped lots by label, artist, and genre. You might even have some rarities that push up the bidding.

BTW, you should rip these CDs to FLAC/Apple Lossless to future-proof your library, allowing you to encode whatever format you desire.
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Came to nth Second Spin. Husbunny and I had a lot of dupes and it worked out great. Got a good price for them and no hassle.
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I've used MusicMagpie in the UK and it's an efficient service, but they charge on average 30p per CD, and your CD needs to have a barcode (which it may not if there are local artists). However, if your CDs are less mainstream, you'll be able to get £2-3 per CD. Still a fraction of their cost, but have a play around.
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I'd take them to Half Price Books. They'll give you more in store credit than in cash and depending on the person working the buy counter when you bring them in, they can give a fair amount per disc.
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Oh, and I'd take them there especially if I didn't want to hassle with shipping off batch after batch after batch. Unload them all at once and be done with it.
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Are you ever in Dallas? I sold a similar amount (mainstream+non) at an Entertainmart and ended up with about $600. This was about four years ago.
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If you're not in a huge rush you could use to trade 'em for music you actually wanted. One at a time, though.
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Seconding Half Price Books.
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Ebay or Craigslist
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I sold a bunch of mine to Second Spin, but it does involve mailing them. What Second Spin rejected, I sold to the Half Price Books on S. Lamar. I didn't try Waterloo because people said they don't give you much. It was easy and convenient to take them down to Half Price. I got about $100 between the two places.
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I'd look at Amazon's Fullfilment Program. You can ship your stuff to Amazon and they take care of listing, shipping etc. Lifehacker has a great article.
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Amazon's fulfillment program is great but the Lifehacker article linked mentions that you should sell things that are worth $4/each or more to make it worth your while. I'm not sure how many used CDs are worth that. (And in my experience, I really don't bother selling anything worth less than $8 or so via Amazon Fulfillment.)
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