iLapse won't let me export all my pictures. Now what?
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So I did a time-lapse and set the frame rate way too high. Now it will only export around 700 pictures to the camera roll and I can't figure out how to get the rest. Every time I get the photos from camera roll to iPhoto, iLapse just starts from the beginning again. So I can get the first 700 just fine, but not the rest. This sucks. Please tell me there's a solution!

There are like 10,000 images in the app itself. When I try to export, I keep getting to 765 and then it just stops. Is there a program that will pull those out of the app itself, or something I coud do to choose different photos to export? I don't seem to be given the choice to export a range.

I can go through and individually delete pictures in the app, but with literally 10,000 pictures, that's going to take a really freaking long time.

Are there any hacks out there to solve this problem? I've searched teh interwebs and found very little helpful information.

Thanks everyone.
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The individual files are probably somewhere in the application's library. Open a Finder window and create a smart search, adding criteria for the time the photos were created and their extension (probably jpg or jpeg). When you find them, the path bar on the bottom of the Finder window should tell you their location. I'm guessing it'll be in your home folder, in Library*, then Application Support (though I don't know anything about this particular application).

* Here's how to view your Library folder if it's invisible.
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Oh, I'm sorry. I thought this was a Mac app rather than iOS. Are the photos all in your camera roll? The issue might be that your camera roll (stored in iCloud) is out of space.
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Yeah - that's exactly the issue. The pictures are in the app. The app only exports to camera roll. Camera roll fills before they are all exported. So they are stuck in the app with no way to export them other than to delete files one by one to make room.

Unless someone in the hivemind has a better solution.

I apologise - my browser crashed after I wrote the question the first time and now I see I left out a really important detail: that it's an iPad 3rd gen 3G and the files are in the iLapse app on the iPad. That would be helpful.
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In that case, it seems like a limitation of the app. Have you contacted the devs?

You might also be able to back the phone up to your computer and find a utility that will let you pull files out of the backup. Something like this, though I've never used that one, or anything like it.
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If you go into your iPad's settings (Settings -> About -> Usage), it will show you how much space each of your apps consumes. See what iLapse says. If the problem is simply that iLapse runs out of disk space before completing its export, keep deleting apps, photos, videos, etc until the ... GB Available" on the Usage page is larger than the size listed for the iLapse app.

If it says there is enough room, then it is an app issue.
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