Name that Song, Acoustic Edition
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Yesterday I heard this song in a Chipotle, but I regularly hear a snippet of it on some NPR (specifically WGBH, Boston) program. A link to my sluggish GarageBand interpretation is attached; the actual song is at a much, much faster tempo. I don't remember any vocals. What's it called?
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I'm guessing you're hearing Everything Is Alright by Four Tet, and you're probably hearing it as the intro to On Point with Tom Ashbrook? (Fantastic album, by the way.)
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My first thought was the Talk of the Nation theme song, although from this list it seems it was composed specifically for the show. Maybe it's something else on that list?
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For some reason what you played reminded me of REM. Might be a stretch but here's a cover of Orange Crush I just found googling.
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This is the theme song to the WBUR talk show On Point.
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Came here to say what Rewind said, the couple times people have been around when that Four Tet track pops up in my iTunes they're like "Oh, the NPR song!"...
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Yes, it's the Four Tet song! The radio station is indeed WBUR - d'oh!
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Well, but I'm guessing it was the actual song playing at the Chipotle, as oppsed to NPR. Incidentally, I hadn't known it was a Four Tet song, so thanks!

BTW, he unexpectedly released a rarities album today.
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