What do I do with superfluous office space?
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I have a 42 inch wide, 32 inch deep, and 28 inch tall void between my desk and the wall of my office. (see: here) My company is relatively lenient on personalizing our offices - in that image, you can see the SMB wall decals - but I'm struggling with coming up with a good use for the space. I'm pretty handy from a carpentry standpoint and I have access to power tools / a space to do some carpentry work in, so pretty much anything goes for this one. What the heck do I do with my Corner of Shame™ to turn it into a Corner of Pride™?

So far suggestions have included:
- Some sort of build alert light wired up w/ Arduino for when someone breaks our CI build (I'm our office's devops engineer)
- A sort of break/fix tool table for internal office equipment
- A nap chair (which seems sort of unnecessary considering the air mattress in our server/sleep closet)
- Multiple minifridges (described to me as "Minifridge Megazord")

...none of these are particularly *bad*, but I'm not sold on them.
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a very small TARDIS, with a build alert light on top, and minifridge inside.
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A plant. Offices cannot have too many plants, in my opinion.
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How about a little door.
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Looks just about big enough for a M.A.M.E. cabinet to me, if you don't mind blocking your SMB sticker.
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Response by poster: Oh my god a MAME cabinet sounds brilliant.
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Best answer: add a standing desk for your long-term health? combine that with some kind of neon display or other fun?
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Response by poster: Yeah, what I ended up doing was building http://www.ikeahackers.net/2011/04/expedit-standing-desk.html
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