Piano lessons in Somerville/Cambridge/(Boston?)
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Dear Hive Mind! I have succeeded at finding guitar lessons and failed at finding drum lessons in this area here before, so let's try a third instrument: I want to learn piano in the Somerville area. I love both classical and jazz. Somerville is best, the T is fine, I can car if necessary. I am a rank beginner; more on that below.

I can play several other instruments decently (brass, drums, guitar), and I have a basic grasp of classical theory; I've tried to hack my way through playing basic piano pieces on multiple occasions. However, either I am thoroughly cursed, or the piano is an evil thing, sent to the earth from the darkness beyond. For some reason, around this instrument my hands become uncoordinated and uncooperative. I am going to need a *really* patient teacher. Help me, hive mind!
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I've been taking lessons with Joyce Porter Barringer in Porter Square (<5 min walk from Porter Station) for over two years now and couldn't be happier. She's accommodating, patient, and kind. Her background is classical (her husband plays jazz, though) and she teaches both children and adults. I don't know if she has any room for new students currently--probably depends on how flexible your own schedule is--but it might be worth an email.
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No particular teacher recommendations, but the standard options most beginners in the area start with private lessons through Longy, New School of Music, or NE Conservatory (which I think also maintains a list of local grads who teach). A quick search on Yelp brings up J. P. Barringer (website).
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Oh my word. You want to talk to my friend Joe. He is a killer keyboardist and pianist and his theory knowledge is amazing. I think he is the man for you. He also happens to be the nicest man on the actual planet. There is nobody more patient.
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Angie Tung teaches piano near Porter Square and is exceptionally patient with my daughter.
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