Where to find strange drapery pin?
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We took our draperies down to have them cleaned and lost a couple of these little pins.

The pins go into the wall and a buttonhole in the extended edge of the curtain holds the curtain edge against the wall.

What are these pins called and where can I find them. Home Depot and Menards don't carry them, and I've tried Googling every permutation of drapery/pin/eyelet/buttonhole.
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Key words to use in your search:
stack back
drapery return

I can't find anything to match what you've got, but honestly, you don't need to replace it with an exact match. I'd probably just use a little cup holder hook.
posted by wwartorff at 2:16 PM on January 13, 2013

This looks like the droid you are looking for.

They're calling them "Graber Drapery Hardware Tenter Hooks" which is kind of awesome because I didn't know that that was what a tenter hook was.
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Thanks, sciencegeek. I was on tenterhooks waiting for the answer. :)
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In case the next person who comes looking for these things doesn't need 200 of them, they can be purchased for 10 cents each from Wm. A. Kilian Hardware Co. The minimum shipping charge is $5.50, and I only need a few, so I think I'll look for some cup hooks (thanks, wwartorff) in the basement.
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When I worked at a fabric store, we carried a ridiculous variety of drapery pins. I'd bring one along and compare what they have to your version.
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