Help me cover a corner window!
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Do-it-yourself draperies on a corner window. Help!

I just moved into an apartment with a big, beautiful floor-to-ceiling corner window. Each window panel comes in three panes. A small top pane, large middle pane and small bottom pane.

Here's my problem: how do I mount a curtain rod in a corner window? I'd also like the keep the top pane open, so I'd either need the curtain rod bracket to hang down about two feet from the ceiling or have it mounted to the side of the wall (the windows are inset a little). Is there special hardware I need? Is there anything else I should know about corner window treatments?

Photo # 1 in this real estate listing will give you an idea of what I'm dealing with.
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A tension mount rod, similar to the kinds that are used for shower curtains, might be your best bet. That would also work as far as leaving the top pane uncovered. In that case, you wouldn't need any mounting hardware.
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Ahh. This is where the plumbing and electrical aisle in the hardware store is your friend. You can create just about any shape curtain rod, with a ceiling mount to boot, from basic plumbing hardware.
Inspiration here.
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For windows like this, rather than curtains, you might consider blinds that raise from the bottom, like so. That way you can block the lower part for privacy but still have the top open for light and a view of the sky, or in this case, access to the windows that open.
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They make corner curtain rods for just this application. Just google it. Don't try to treat them as two separate windows. Get two curtain panels that hang to each side, and pull in toward the corner to cover the windows. Don't try to hang a curtain panel in the corner itself, 'cause it'll look stupid.
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