Duvet covers for him
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Where can I find a bedspread appropriate for a guy in his mid-20s?

I recently got a new, queen-size bed (hooray!) and am searching for a duvet cover. I'd like to find a nice, gender-neutral bed covering without floral prints/ruffles/shininess. An understated pattern could be good, preferably without lots of little things. I'm going for mature but not stodgy.

This seems to be an elusive combination. Can you recommend stores or point me to specific duvet covers/quilts?
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Ikea has some that might fit the bill. We got a solid blue one there.
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Well, uh... I was trying to get my wife to go for this (with no luck).

I've had good luck at Ikea and West Elm.
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CB2 has some that would work, but you could also search Overstock for a nice solid color (my choice was blue) and pick up a more interesting throw pillow if that's too boring.
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Target usually has a lot of nice things right now.
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Thirding IKEA. There's a preponderance of fussy, complicated patterns, but I've always managed to find something suitable. And cheap!
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Garnet Hill has plain colors in percale and flannel. I think Ikea's quality is pretty poor, personally.
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Target also has some pretty good options. I like this or this or this for an adult man.
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It's spendy but Dwell has some good stuff. I like the Modern Border sets.
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Seconding West Elm. Ikea has a lot of innocuous manly patterns, but in my experience there's no button or tie or any other way to get the duvet to stay straight in the cover, and it inevitably gets all bunched up and annoying.

I mean, that was what happened to me when I bought one of their lower end ones. They might have that feature more at the upper end of the range. Definitely check before you buy.
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Now, bear in mind that I get all my things gently used (or occasionally "new in box") via Ebay, but I have noticed that Ralph Lauren has a lot of "masculine" pattens such as these various bedding items in Jermyn Street. Quality has been pretty good. I would probably go with Garnet Hill if quality is your absolute top concern, though - everything I've seen of theirs is very nice. My feeling is that a duvet cover should be in the 200-300 thread count range like a lot of their stuff, since once you start getting into ever higher threadcounts, the fabric starts to feel very fine and floppy and not really suitable to hold a duvet.
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I just outfitted my guest rooms with duvet covers that meet this description from, yes, Target.
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How about pure white and then use a runner/throw pillows for color? If it's good enough for the Four Seasons....
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You can also make your own (or have one made) from sheets or fabric you like.
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Try the Nate Berkus or Thomas O'Brian collections at Target
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Nthing Ikea. My gentleman companion and I just got a new comforter and duvet cover there. They have many nice, gender-neutral patterns, though my guy picked out this one, so who even knows. We liked the Ikea comforters because you can pick what level of warmth you want. We went with a somewhat light-weight comforter because that suited our needs but they have everything from super-warm ones to super-light.

(Comforters bunching up in the cover are the bane of my housekeeping existence so I got Comforter Clips and they work a treat. I also sewed ribbons to the sides of the cover and comforter and tied them together. I picked that tip up from Unfuck Your Habitat and it took 5 minutes and also works really well.)
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The Company Store has a variety of patterns and solids, and I've been happy with the quality of the duvets and duvet covers I've bought from them over the years.
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I've bought several from ikea and target... I'd go with target if you want it to last. Their line of sheets and home goods is really nice quality... It will last much longer for not that much more money.
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The SO just bought a set of sheets / duvet / etc from Walmart. They're mostly solid color with some striping towards the end.

I think the key is to just keep looking around. Most of what you find won't necessarily be to your taste, but bedding for your typical dude--who would prefer not having frills or hand-washing the bedskirt--DOES exist!
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Macy's Charter Club Damask Stripe duvet covers and sheets are quite understated and the quality is great. I've had a couple of the duvet covers for many years.

If cost is really not an issue, Calvin Klein makes some really beautiful and very tasteful sheets and duvet covers.
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Macy's has amazing sales and January is traditionally sale time for bedding. I got a Martha Steward duvet/dust ruffle/and sham set (two sets of shams!) for about $30 once I used my coupons.

Also, Ikea or Target.

But Macy's will have high end stuff at flog off prices. You can check their site and have stuff mailed if you want to save a trip to the mall.
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I thought about this one from the Company Store for a gift for my dad (ignore the sheets!).
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Response by poster: Thank you for all the input! It's giving me lots to investigate.
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I just got a duvet cover from Ikea yesterday but dislike it because it has snap closures instead of buttons and, as others have mentioned, no ties inside. I will sew them in myself but wish I had known earlier.

I have bought great ones from Lands End (they often have sales too) and the Company Store.
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Response by poster: As a follow up: I ended up going with this dark blue one from West Elm. It's relatively plain, but nice, and I think a couple of pillows will jazz it up.

Thanks again for your help!
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