help me identify this song
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I think it's a recent song - The chorus has has a woman singing in a simple voice. She sounds young and has a neutral accent - the non-chorus parts of the song I think is a reggae hip hop deal, but not sure.

I have a distinct memory of the tune that the girl's voice is sung to, and i've recorded it. To listen to it, load up this page

click on the image of the three keys to start the program, then click the open file icon, and paste the following into the box:

595:46;633;636:46;671;676:46;691; 697:48;713;717:49;734;737:42;766;770:53;833;

then click the icon that's at the bottom of the dialogue box to confirm (it looks very similar to the open file icon), and finally hit the play button.

Sorry for the long string - I know it's a pain to copy it all because it's wider than your monitor, but if I try to format it differently, it doesn't work.
You can copy and paste this string by highlighting the visible portion with the mouse, then scrolling the screen to the right a bit, then hold down shift and click further into the string, and repeat until you've selected it all.

Or, a much easier way is to just click the cursor once at the start of the string, hold down SHIFT and then hit END, and it should select the whole line (on windows at least)

I think, but not sure, that the lyrics of her singing start off with something like:

"won't you stay a while" (but this is very vague and I could be completely off).

I couldn't find a way to record the chords, but the context of the third note is a major chord, and the context of the 9th note is a minor chord.

thanks for even trying :)
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Can you remember any lyrics or any context? When did you hear the song? On the radio, on a podcast, in a friend's car? What did it seem the song was about? What was the musical accompaniment, synths, guitars. orchestra? The tune sounds vaguely familiar but I think a less specific approach will help us better.
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American Boy by Estelle, I think?
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emumimic you are incredible, thanks :)
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Awesome. job, emumimic!
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[Note: Edited with OP's permission to break number string for display purposes - for future reference, note it will need to be one unbroken string to work.]
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