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Do you know of any amazing wall calendars for 2013? Anything movie related, funny, odd, or just generally interesting would be great.
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I love my There She Blows calendar from Kate Beaton of Hark, A Vagrant! - it's got literary/historical comics for the monthly "pictures" and includes tiny literary-related factoids on pertinent dates. I bet the Beethoven Birthday Party calendar would be equally as wonderful, if you want more general comic stuff and not so much book-related stuff.
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I think Goats in Trees is my favourite calendar theme ever.
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This funny/scary dental mannequin calendar is available for purchase here, if you're so inclined.
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Astronomy Magazine's Deep Space Mysteries.

Amazing photos of celestial objects, tons of information on astronomic events, the most important of which, to me, are the many meteor showers throughout the year.

Also has a nice array of holidays as well as the phases of the moon.

Pretty excellent!!! You know...if you're into that sort of thing.
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I am a big Rumi fan, and I love that several different Rumi calendars come out every year. All feature quotes from this early humanist: poetic, enigmatic, celebrating love, friendship, and awareness of one's spiritual ties to others and to the earth. Rumi was the originator of the Whirling Dervish sect of Sufi Islam and is still one of the most popular poets and religious thinkers of all time.

This year I got my calendars at (, though you can probably find them elsewhere for cheaper through a Google search or asking at your local new-age shop. The "Enlightened Rumi" ones from Brush Dance have beautiful representations of carpet and tile patterns from Turkey (very brightly colored, not obviously connected with any particular religion). The "Rumi: Heart of the Beloved" calendar from Amber Lotus uses full-color reprints of Persian illuminations from manuscripts, with arabic script included, so it may be misunderstood by certain closed-minded individuals (but still not religious per se). The "Illuminated Rumi" from Amber Lotus and the engagement calendar from Brush Dance I have gotten before, but didn't like as much since the art is more new-age mystical collage--still pretty, but not historical enough for my taste.

In short: Rumi: non-religious quotes about love/friendship with pretty, pretty art.
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I always seek out Edward Gorey.
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How about this (not very sfw) one that gained some attention recently?
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The Autonomedia Jubilee Saints calendar is pretty cool. Art by James Koehnline, and each day has a designated "saint" from various countercultures.
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You might enjoy the calendar of landscapes by Eyvind Earle, who painted backgrounds for Disney movies at one point in his career.
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I am a huge fan of the Wondermark calendars, but it too late for this year. 2014 should be available in mid-December.
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Thinkfun's Daily Puzzle is a calendar where you have to make the date yourself each day. I am enjoying it immensely.
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