Poetry and Guitar Magazines?
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Magazine recommendations: poetry or guitar...

Do poetry magazines even exist? If so, what is a good one? The kind of guitar magazine I'm looking for would be something that focuses mainly on playing blues. Gracias.
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there is so much tablature online that I'd pick a guitar magazine that focuses more on method, perhaps.
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Do poetry magazines even exist?

mrs. jonmc (a published poet) is a subscriber to Poets & Writers. She loves it.
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It's unclear whether you are more interested in reading poetry or reading about the process of writing poetry. If it's the latter, Poets and Writers is terrific.

If it's the former, here are a few excellent journals:

Missouri Review
Crab Creek Review
Kenyon Review
Mid-American Review

There are lots more, but those are the ones that come to mind immediately.
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Guitar magazines are rarely worth the cover price, I've found. You'll find mostly ads, suspisciously raving gear reviews, and just generally very little actual content. That said, check out any large bookstore's magazine rack -- you can leaf through their entire selection and see if anything looks bluesy enough before subscribing.
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I've found GuitarOne to be a great magazine for lessons. Not worthwhile for reviews, but they always have tons of technique stuff in different styles with sound files that you can hear on their site.
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My sister is the editor and publisher of Fence, a (really quite good!) poetry magazine. Here are the archives - there are a few poems on-line from each issue - free poetry!
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If British guitar magazines are as much better than their American counterparts as are the general British music magazines, I'd recommend trying them out (they're typically available at your larger bookstores; look for the British pricing). The ones I've skimmed through typically have sheet music and/or tab plus articles about individual styles/artists/songs/techniques, typically for a handful of different types per issue. I haven't seen anything that specializes in the blues, though.
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Acoustic Guitar is really good. It covers all genres, but is pretty good about including and often featuring the blues, and publishes real, useful articles on technique, gear reviews, techie stuff, interviews, and some great tab.

If you're looking to learn about other artists, Paste is a great magazine.
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Guitar Player is really the only guitar magazine you need.
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