Internet radio streaming of full albums etc.
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Short and simple. I'm interested in finding out if there are any internet radio stations which broadcast full albums. Alternatively any free/pay services which allow you to listen online to full albums rather than just individual tracks. I'm not at this point interested in buying music just listening to it. Please bear in mind I am in the UK and services such as Rhapsody etc. aren't available here AFAIK. Many thanks.
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Try this. The description is in Dutch, but I guess you can figure it out: "omhoog" mean up, "omlaag" down. I think they are changing their selection daily or weekly and they do tend to have a bias to independent labels. It's part of 3voor12, the alternative radio/web department of VPRO, a Dutch broadcasting station.
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Hmmm interesting. I guess I'm kind of looking for somewhere I can preview more mainstream stuff - i.e. major labels etc. so I can "try before I buy".

Thanks for the link though.
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The ever dependable has full album previews, though they're a bit tricky to play sometimes.
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LaunchCast is a good service. It plays mid-level quality streams with commercials stuck in there if you're using the free version. They pay version allows for high-bandwidth and commercial-free music. I've often heard a song from a new album on my "custom station" (built from statistical references to some base influences), clicked on the album link in the radio window, and listened to the rest of the tracks.
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I bought a 1 year subscription to Yahoo! Music for $60.00. It's an all you can stream service. You can stream whole albums on there.
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