Gay Friendly Travel Agencies?
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Have you used a gay friendly travel agency to book a vacation or give you advice on a destination? What agency/website did you use?

My partner and I are looking to travel to South America this year and looking to a gay friendly travel agency to take care of the details for us. There are a lot of options out there so I was wondering if the hive mind had some Best Ofs to recommend. We are two women in our early thirties who aren't too picky, but would just like someone to do all of the complicated stuff for us and keep the specifics of our situation in mind. I'm sure this exists just not sure where to start! MeFi Mail is welcome. Thanks!
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I don't know about S. America in particular. I once sat on a plane next to a woman that worked for Olivia, and it sounded awesome.
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I've gone on a couple of great trips with Alyson Adventures. They do outdoor-adventure tours with small groups of about a dozen -- all details are taken care of, yet options and flexibility remain. And they have some tours set aside for women only, if that appeals.
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