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Desperately, DESPERATELY looking for a segment of one episode of "The Moth" podcast I heard once and cannot find anymore....

My Google-fu is failing me here...and dang that, I have good Google-fu certifications.

"The Moth" is a podcast which is simply a recording of Moth events, where people are to come up and tell stories about their lives, based upon a theme.

The most gripping one I have heard is one where a fireman responds to a fire, and finds two young kids dead at the scene. He is understandably shaken by this, and when the mother comes home, who should not have left them alone, he lays into her.

The rest of his soliloquy was about the regret the fireman felt to have attacked this woman at her lowest, most shocked and devastated point, a point most of us cannot even imagine. I defy you to listen to it without tears. His "moral" was, no matter how grave a mistake was made, there is a point where all you should do is comfort and help.

And now, I can't find it. I really, really want to find it. This episode...


makes mention of it, but a) that particular segment comes up as "404 not found, and b) the segment entitled "Bronx Burning" by Tom Ziegler IS NOT IT. That is about an elderly lady's retrieval. Tom Ziegler may well be the author if the story *I* am referring to, but it's not it.

So, Moth enthusiasts, Google experts....can you help me?
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It's Fireman's Remorse. I work with the founder of The Moth, I might be able to get my hands on it for you.
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This is it - see segment B. You'll have to sign up for a free prx account.

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That is it, Marguerite. Thank you, it means more than you probably realize. And to anyone else following, Jesus Christ, sign up for a free PRX account and listent to segment B.
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Thanks for the tip but that link is no longer active. Does someone want to share the file, or have an alternative URL?
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The Moth Radio Hour 203.
posted by mykescipark at 7:32 PM on April 25, 2013

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