Who is the artist of this painting?
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My mom wants to figure out the artist of this painting. Can you help?

Here is the signature, and here is the whole painting. Can you help us read the signature or give us any clues as to who/what/when/where? It's at least 30 years old, but could be much older. Sorry for the crappy quality.

We don't think it's famous or worth a lot of money, but we're curious. Any advice?
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Best answer: Looks like Mariano Moreno to me; there's an Ask Art listing here for the artist and the signature (and style) appear consistent.
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Best answer: The signature says Mariano Moreno, and some quick googling with that name shows that it's almost definitely the same artist.
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Best answer: And also a Live Auctioneers auction for the same name -- style and signature again appear consistent, and the listing has a close-up that makes the signature clearer.

In terms of finding more on the artist (once you have a name), sometimes Google Book search can throw something interesting up. If that doesn't work, your public library may have some reference books that list artists. Many of the online databases are subscription-only, unfortunately (like all the details on Ask Art).
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Best answer: Agreed on the Mariano Moreno identification.

This ended Ebay auction suggests that he was Cuban and lived from 1912 - 1990.
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Best answer: It's by Mariano Moreno.
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Response by poster: AMAZING! Thank you!!
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