Travel agent for French Polynesia?
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Asking for a friend: Planning a trip to French Polynesia: Bora Bora, Tahiti, etc. Should we be using a travel agent, or can we get a good deal booking directly? Can anyone recommend a good travel agent for that part of the world?

(Previous questions are outdated.)
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I used one of the Papeete-based agencies that were eventually consolidated into, and was glad I did, because the transfers and inter-island travel are not simple to arrange. I also got a great deal, costwise, though this was some years ago when the dollar was stronger against the Euro than it is now.
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We went to Tahiti and Moorea earlier this year on the way to New Zealand and booked an amazing deal on Air Tahiti Nui, which included a few nights at the Intercontinental on Moorea. We booked directly at the Sofitel on Tahiti for around $100/night (around the same price as the Tahiti Airport Motel, IIRC) from We looked up the schedules for ferries between the islands, and just bought tickets for those when we arrived. It was a little bit complicated, but nothing we couldn't manage ourselves.

On a side note, if your friend does end up visiting Moorea, the Intercontinental was really, really nice. I was counting down the days until I can go back before we'd even left the island. Hands-down the best vacation destination I've ever been to.
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Mr. Luckynerd and I went 16 years ago, and this is the company we used:
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