No, iPad, I don't want 5 versions of the same file thanks.
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I have a (hopefully easy) question about getting Dropbox and GoodNotes to work together nicely on my iPad.

My new iPad is a dream. But I have a problem with my workflow.

When I fire up GoodNotes, I have no problem importing a PDF from my Dropbox account and marking it up.

However, when I want to save the marked-up PDF back to the dropbox folder, GoodNotes won't overwrite the old version. Instead it creates a new file. This is annoying to me.

For example, I import myFile.pdf into GoodNotes, export myFile.pdf back to Dropbox (being sure to specify "save as: myFile.pdf") but the file with the annotations that shows up in my Dropbox folder is myFile-1.pdf.

Is there a way around this? I've run through all the setting I can find but don't see anything. This is my first iOS device, though, so hopefully I'm missing something about how the file system works. Thanks!
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(Also, if this is just a problem with GoodNotes and not other apps for marking up PDFs I'm open to recommendations)
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The problem you describe does not occur when exporting .pdfs from Notabilty, a very similar annotation tool compatible with Dropbox.
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Excellent information. I've spent the afternoon trying to figure out if this was a GoodNotes problem or a Dropbox problem with little success.

I'll probably just switch to Notability.
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If anyone stumbles on this in the future I spent the 2 bucks on Notability and the problem is solved. Guess it's just a dumb design decision on GoodNotes' part.
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