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Thoughts on Rhino Shield/other "permanent" paint options for home exterior?

My wife and I own a 19 year-old, 3800 sq. ft. home with wood (I believe cedar, but am not certain) siding. We purchased the house 3 and a half years ago and were told that the previous owner painted the exterior just before putting the house on the market. The paint job is fading/discoloring pretty badly and we are now looking at our options regarding painting and/or new siding. The thought of a "regular" paint job, which would have to be redone again in 5 years or, does not seem worth the price (guessing it will be somewhere in the ballpark of $10,000) or the aggravation of repeating this job so often.

I have done some very premilinary research into Rhino Shield and other ceramic based long-term paint systems. The idea of not having to have the house repainted for 20-25 years (as the product advertises) is quite appealing. Of course, the price would be considerably higher, but before I weigh the price, I was wondering if anyone had experience with this or similar products? I read a couple of reviews that mentioned moisture might be a problem (the thicker coating does not allow the house to "breathe" properly), but have not read much beyond that. Does anyone have any first hand experience? Thoughts on other siding alternatives are also appreciated.
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My mother got something like that put over her dingy aluminum siding many years ago. It still looks fine.

However, I would be concerned about putting it over wood. Seems like wood would be too porous and would expand and contract over time. The paint itself would probably last, but would it still stay stuck to the wood?
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