Any decent recruitment agencies out there?
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Can anyone recommend or suggest a good recruitment agency in Sydney (Australia) - specifically people who know about IT and engineering?

My husband is looking for a job - he's in IT. There are a lot of jobs out there - mostly via agencies - but the agencies seem to be populated by buzz-word addicts without A Clue. Where are the ones with real industry knowledge that offer a more focused selection of possibilities as opposed to some dude with a checklist who will suggest anything that seems even vaguely computer-related?
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Best answer: Maybe try Spark Recruitment? They're a small IT recruitment firm in Sydney.

They contacted me about a developer role in the finance industry and I went in and met with Luke from Spark to talk about the role. In the end the role wasn't sufficiently interesting for me to change jobs, but every now and then they found some roles that were more up my alley. In the end I still didn't want to change jobs, and now I am moving overseas so I won't be needing their services.
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Best answer: Green Light - I have sourced several engineers from this firm (Network, Security, Linux, Windows - all enterprise/ecommerce quality), memail for my contact with the firm, I'll toss you over there or send me your specifics, you never know if you'd be a fit for one of the positions we're hiring for.
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Follow @Robbie806 on Twitter, or check #FBIRecruitment.

They've recently posted Sydney-based opportunities for MS Access Dev, Flash Dev, Access and Java dude,, and so on.

Don't know if that's what you're looking for... but good luck!
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Best answer: Man, I hate recruiters. I'll memail you with a recommendation rather than an ad.
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Response by poster: Thanks, folks - that's given us something to go on.
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