Does this product exist: a "hard" folder / case / portfolio?
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Does this product exist: a "hard" folder / case / portfolio, approximately 1" x 9" x 12"?

I'm looking for something like this presentation case, but I'm interested in it purely for a functional box for transportation in a backpack without bending the contents.

I'd like it to be much less expensive ($25 or less?) and it could be metal, a rigid plastic or some other solid material. I've looked on office supply and art supply sites, but perhaps there I just don't have the right search term or I am looking in the wrong places.
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Something like a storage clipboard?
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Can it be something like this clear plastic porfolio with a clipboard inside as a stiffener?
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Hard case file! 'Polypropylene' and 'clip closure' are useful terms to find similar, as is 'box'. But mainly I've seen these on shelves - I can't guarantee name accuracy.
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I came in to suggest what supercres had already suggested. I've owned this storage clipboard (in black) and it does exactly what you want it to do. They also come in metal but I would think plastic should work just fine.

If you are using very thin paper, and plan on this backpack being jostled an abnormal amount, and it's absolutely necessary that these papers stay %110 flat, I'd suggest this particular storage clipboard- it comes with a clip and a separate folder to hold down the papers so gravity doesn't cause them to slide down. And it's still in your price range.
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If all you want to do is to transport paperwork or unmatted prints in a backpack or messenger bag, a binder with document pockets (such as the Trapper-Keeper) would work spiffy. I use one for just such a purpose.
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I use this $10 "project case" for work and love it. It's got a hinged opening and it snaps closed nice and tight.
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Portfolio Box perhaps?
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I found the above project case on amazon for half the price.
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