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We are searching for unbiased reliable reviews online for used SUV's a la Consumer Reports. Suggestions?
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What's wrong with Consumer Reports? You can get a one-month subscription to all of their ratings (including their info on reliability of used cars) for $4.95. The only disadvantage to that, of course, is that it's not free.

I'm not trying to be snarky — if there's some reason why that wouldn't work, then let us know so we can answer you better.
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Response by poster: We really don't have the need for a CR subscription, and will probably need to buy this vehicle in the next 24 hours.
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Consumer Guide has detailed reliability ratings, is quite similar to CU, except that it's free. MSN Autos is good and has decent reliability ratings. Edmund's also has decent reliability ratings. CU's reliability ratings don't seem to be as "detailed" as the others, but has the advantage of coming from surveys given to subscribers (some say this actually is a disadvantage). When we were car shopping, we decided to spring for the one month online-only CU subscription, as it helps to get as much information as possible, and it is available immediately. As a whole, though, the sites I mentioned above may be enough for you.
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You might try
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In addition to professional reviews, think about direct user reports right here. Which SUVs are you looking at? I bet there are a lot of SUV drivers here who could tell you about what they have driven and what they thought of them.
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If you have a library card, your library has an automobile reference section that might help. In addition, a couple of periodicals databases that, like as not, have consumer reports.
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