Where can I find a complete song list for "In the Groove 2"?
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Where can I find a complete song list for "In the Groove 2"? DDR is good exercise. I'd like to make a workout playlist for use in my local arcade. I can find lot's of lists for the New songs for In the Groove 2, but I can't find the Old songs that are stored on the machine. For instance it has some but not all of the songs from DDR 3rd mix.

(Reference for DDR for all those new to the subject.)

If I can get a complete list, I can make a plan for how I want to push myself, take cool down breaks, etc.

If all else fails I can take pictures of the screen with my phone, write it up and go that way; But I don't want to go Luddite yet, if I can get an easier solution.

(The arcade has an "In the Groove 2" machine with plays for $.15, so it's quite economical to get my cardio here when it's 30 degrees out and I can't ride my bike!)
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If you're just looking for a list of available songs, then this site is for you. Songlists & Codes will give you lists of what songs were on each version of various home and arcade editions, and of course there are step charts so you can get some idea of difficulty ahead of time. Though that varies a lot depending on speed... Good luck to you!

(Also, what a coincidence! I just tonight pulled out my PS2 and crazy expensive hard pad for the first time in ages. The least I've ever weighed in my adult life was in the peak of my DDR playing days. Oh, how I missed playing!)
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...note in particular this FAQ on how to tell which version of 3rd Mix an arcade machine has!
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This may be difficult, because - to the best of my knowledge - In The Groove is installed as an upgrade on DDR machines, and can be installed over many different DDR cabinets. There's probably no standard list of DDR songs that a given ITG machine has.
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That said, do you have a list of the 3rd Mix songs it has? You should be able to find out which DDR version ITG was installed over by matching that list to 3rd Mix songs in other arcade DDR games.
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ITG 2 had 64 new songs and the full song list from ITG 1.

Additionally, there's only three songs on ITG2 that have previously appeared on a DDR game, per the first link:
In fact, three songs appear on ITG2 that have been on Dance Dance Revolution games, though with different step charts: Typical Tropical and Bumble Bee from Bambee and Sunshine (originally Follow The Sun) from Triple J.
But those games didn't come from 3rd Mix, they came from Solo 2000 and 4th Mix.

If you're seeing songs that were specifically from a 3rd Mix arcade cabinet, what you might not be playing is ITG2. What you might be playing is some jury rigged Stepmania cabinet that has a ton of songs dumped onto it from elsewhere.
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I didn't get notifications about any of these responses, sorry about the delay. =/

I'll have to have words with Mefi about notifying me of responses. Questions in the past have had emails for each response. ><>
Re: Andrhia

Weight. Yes, I've lost 20 pounds so far (~2.5 hours per week of "vigorous" exercise), I wish I had more time to put toward it, but other projects vie for my time.

The links you posted do not list all the songs available, the do not list "Holic" for instance, which is stored in one of the other mixes available on the machine (5th mix?). I'm looking for a list of all songs, not just ones for the mix included with the ITG2 machine.
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LSK: Good idea, I had no idea it was an "upgrade" per-say. Any idea of a way I can tell which upgrade it might be? The machine itself doesn't have information about a "revision", that I know of.

If it helps the machines User Interface can be changed with some sort of "code" that another player showed me (Left + Up/Down/Up + Right/Left), to play as "DDR Pink" (whatever that is).

Remy: It very well could be as it does have quite a few songs on it. I don't have a complete list of the revisions I've seen, but I can tel you it has DDR 1st Mix - 9th Mix, as well as some "plus" (e.g. DDR 4th Mix Plus) and "Korean" versions of some mixes.

There are other mixes as well I haven't tried yet, including "Anime", "Disney", "DDR Extreme" and others I'm not properly recalling at the moment.

All: If nothing else I'll make a movie on my phone cycling through the various mixes and songs from said mixes just to get some idea and then go to the individual mixes as on Wikipedia to get specifics songs to listen to / buy.

If there's any interest on seeing the compiled list (much later, I'm sure, as I'll have to do the entire process manually), post here and I'll include it in subsequent update.
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