Quiet (not just empty) bar in Philadelphia?
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Can you recommend a quiet (but not simply empty) bar in Philadelphia? My gf and I have trouble talking and hearing over the music at most places. If you've ever been to Burp Castle in NY you know what my ideal bar is like (monk costumes optional).

Good craft beer selection is a plus, as is the availability of hard cider. We live in West Philly but would welcome recommendations in any neighborhood.

For reference, Local 44 has a good selection but is usually too loud.
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Have you been to Fiume? (45th and Locust, on top of Abyssinia.) Might not be perfect - at least when I lived in the neighborhood, it was often either empty or packed, mostly because it's too small for there to be much in between, but it's worth a shot.
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Dock Street? I haven't been there in a while, but I don't remember it being particularly loud. I think it was echo-y, but I never had to shout. They only serve what they brew, but they brew good beer. They also have awesome pizza.

Do you ever go to Local 44 at happy hour? They've never had music on when I go then.

The Institute Bar (I guess that's north philly?) has been pretty chill (i.e. no music) when I've been there, and has a good selection, but I've seen it pretty packed on weekend nights. They have delicious, but terribly unhealthy, food.
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It's quite different than Local 44, but JG Domestic does have a (short) list of nice beers and it's been blissfully at a low conversational hum every time I've been there. Caveat: have only been on weekdays. City Taphouse often has quieter corners, depending on UPenn's schedule. Tria, maybe? Not so much a bar, but does have nice beers. Much less crazy than the ones downtown.
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Response by poster: Dock Street is great and usually manageable volume-wise.

Thanks for the recommendations!
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Have you tried Nodding Head or Monk's yet? Very nice.
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P.S. Brunch at Monk's is the stuff that dreams are made of. Try the Dirty Hoe (Hoegaarden and fresh-squeezed orange juice).
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I haven't lived in Philly for nearly a decade - but Nodding Head came to mind. One of my favorite old haunts.
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Monk's and Tria were my first thoughts, although I mostly associate the latter with wine (and fantastic cheese flights that I still miss, nearly five years after moving away). Monk's can get a bit crowded on a weekend, but I've never known it to be conversation-dampening noisy.
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Tria is a pretty civilized volume. Coincidentally, friends were just praising East Girard Gastropub (basically across the street from Johnny Brenda's) last night for having good food and beer and being quiet enough to talk. But my secret weapon for drink/food specials and conversation, especially around happy hour time, is Yakitori Boy. The loudness heads upstairs for karaoke. Shhhh, don't tell everyone.
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I don't live in Philly anymore, but Eulogy in Old City was usually quiet enough for casual conversation when I went there, especially if you can get seated upstairs.
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Devil's Den in South Philly is rather awesome.
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The Dandelion at 18th and Sansom.
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Also Stateside in South Philly. Small, quiet place.
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