Sites like Flickr?
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I’m writing an article about Flickr and I’d like to point to similar sites.

I'm particularly interested in sites that evoke the feel of Flickr’s “Interestingness” feature. I’ve already got and Others you think are worthwhile?
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You do know that "interestingness" is a very new feature? Also that it has been a bit controversial. So I'd say those other sites aren't like Flickr at all but then I don't know what the angle of this article is...
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One of the best.

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Can you explain the connection you see between Flickr's "interestingness" feature and these other sites? I can't see a relationship, except that all three sites center around photographs.
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What's the controversy over "interestingness"?

The angle of my piece is sites like Flickr acting as sort of virtual art galleries. It's more of a profile really.
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I think it's ugly (and don't know much about it), but I'v seen someone on MeFi say that Buzznet is better than Flickr.
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maybe fotolog?
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I second showmethecalvino's question -- what controversy? I regularly read the Flickr forums, and I'm not aware of any.
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I've seen some Flickr folks complain that "interestingness" was too simple, and that photos they thought weren't that good were marked as very interesting. The "_rebekka tossing an apple" photos were the ones where I saw that, I think. It doesn't seem like much, but I guess it might be a bit of a controversy.
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see also:
maybe even deviantart
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interestingness looks to be a combination of most views, most comments and most favorited, so it is a statistically derived version of interesting, rather than an actual consideration of whether or not something is, in fact, interesting. so, I don't think people should be surprised if everything that shows up in the interestingness section is "good" (loaded term to being with). not really controversial, if you ask me, but rather a quirk of the system.
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isn't* "good", that is.
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Regarding the "interestingness" feature, there's been some debate in the forums about it. This thread has long-time Flickr supporter Striatic publicly stating that "it does more harm than good," with some interesting comments from Heather.

Anyway, back to your question, the other big social photo sharing sites are Smugmug, Buzznet, and Heypix.
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I'm surprised none of the big online photo posting sites have yet introduced a collaborative filtering system... "People who liked photos by Fred also liked photos by Jane".
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Maybe you will get to know more about Flickr after seeing this Flickr Tools Collection.
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Just wanted to say thanks to Independent Scholarship for that zoto link. That site is great! Unlimited daily upload, so I had to choose it over flickr. The UI is terrific.
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