Megaphone Nightmares
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Preacher with a megaphone / bullhorn. Street legal in Seattle?
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AFAIK it is not illegal to use personal portable amplification systems (which include megaphones) while engaged in lawful, peaceable public assembly in Seattle.

However, you may run into issues with complaints, which can be enforced, or time limits on the duration of public address system usage.

If you are looking to use one, be respectful and considerate of other pedestrians and nearby business owners.

If you are looking to stop the use of one, make a complaint and see what happens.
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Depending on the circumstances it might be considered "Disturbing the Peace".
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I'm assuming based on the headline at the top of the page that the OP isn't the one with the megaphone.

Maybe call the police non-emergency line and ask?
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Duration of the noise source is definitely a consideration when dealing with complaints. A 5-minute public protest may be OK while 3 hours of a constant tirade may not. Make sure you keep a detailed record of the offending usage for your complaint.

To be perfectly clear: ZERO use of a megaphone is not enforceable, and INFINITE use of a megaphone is not acceptable. The exact nature of the middle ground depends on many factors, which only the police can render an on-site judgement about.
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