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We have a wooden dining table that we need to store away until a time undetermined. We have two options: attic or shed. We will, of course, be taking the table apart before storing.

We own our home so no issues there.

The attic is of the pull down stairs variety. The chairs should be fairly easy to get up there. I worry about getting the table top up there due to the opening space. Mr. Maynicholas thinks it won't be a problem. The attic is getting pretty full, but there is room.

The shed is a decent size, 16x20(ish), but we also store our lawn mowers in there & occasionally need to bomb it because of black widows. We are worried about the table absorbing the odor of the gas and possible toxins.

The table isn't super fancy, but it isn't press board either. Chances are it will be stored for a few years. We do not want to get rid of it.

Given the aforementioned pros & cons of both, would you recommend attic or shed?
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Measure before you hoist it up to the attic. Shed too damp.
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I didn't even think about dampness! Thanks!
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I would be worried about moisture in the shed (unless you live in an arid climate). I think there would also be a higher likelihood of insect/rodent damage in the shed.
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I would worry about moisture in the shed OR the attic. My parents had plenty of items get ruined in both places. Where do you live? What's the attic insulation like? A lot of attics aren't insulated, which means wood will feel the outside temperature and expand and contract and possibly warp, depending on local humidity and temperature fluctuations.
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Depending on where you lived I'd be worried about heat in the attic warping the table or dampness getting to it in either location. My brother had a lovely hand made dining table warp terribly after being stored in a shed. Where every you store it store it flat with nothing on it and cover it and the chairs with a tarp in case of leaks. If the wood is not varnished oil that sucker well before it goes into storage to help protect it, you can get furniture oil with citronella in which would help repel mice or bugs that might want to have a nibble on the wood too.
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Thank you for the advice! We went with the attic. Less damp than the shed & less buggy.
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Just an anecdote in case it may help others - my parents had glass patio doors on one wall, and they bought curtains that stretched across the entire wall. That space was used to store folding tables and chairs behind the curtains.
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