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What is the most potent-per-dose lactase supplement (e.g. Lactaid) on the American market?

This weekend, after taking twelve store-brand "fast acting" lactase supplements over the course of a meal, I ate lasagna with both mozarella and cottage cheese and suffered no consequences of note. But is there an industrial-strength solution? Carrying a whole lot of pills in case of pizza is inconvenient. If there is a generic/insurance-covered Rx solution (like with Nexium), all the better. Horse pills are A-OK.
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Lactaid Fast Act is it, there is nothing else. I have tried everything else on the entire earth including suspicious things from China.

stop wasting your askmes on stuff you can just email me dude
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Yeah agree with elizardbits. Lactaid is one of the few things I buy name brand. One or two does it for me. Best prices usually on Amazon, although weirdly 60-ct boxes are often cheaper per unit than 90-ct. Individual foil wrapped.
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I've had excellent results with the vitamin shoppe caplets

It does not use the same units as the Lactaid stuff, so I can't compare, but using a little plastic bag, or pill carrier they're easier to carry than then foil wrapped stuff.
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