Switching from Lactose Free to Regular Milk
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I used to be lactose intolerant, but I outgrew it years ago. Unfortunately, I developed a taste for lactose free milk and can't drink the regular stuff. Can you help me transition?

Back story: I was diagnosed at ~ 4 after having had pretty severe symptoms. I couldn't eat ice cream or cheese for most of my childhood, but things started getting better in adolescence and now I can eat ice cream and cheese and drink coffee / lattes with regular milk. I just can't stand the way it tastes plain.

I drink a lot of plain nonfat or 1% milk (as a beverage, and in cereal) and I would love to switch to regular milk because of the price difference. A half gallon of lactose-free costs $4.99-5.29 here in Alaska, while a gallon of regular is around $2.99.

Have you ever made this switch? What worked?
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Can you cut the lactose free stuff with increasing proportions of whatever your target milk is? Start with 75% lactose free milk and 25% regular, then ease gradually into 100% regular? I did that with soy at one point and it worked. Also with coke/diet coke (though I still hate diet coke).
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Lactose-free milk tastes sweeter, so maybe add a touch of sugar?
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I had that problem (side note: my lactose intolerance didn't start until after I hit 30) anyway, after I had a stomach operation I could drink regular milk again. Back to your question, did you notice that those type of milk products are sweeter? So, I guess you could add some sugar to regular milk or what if you mixed half Lactaid milk and half regular milk until you gradually ween yourself off of the Lactaid? I really didn't like the dairy products for lactose intolerance because of the sweetness.
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Uh, as an aside, is there a reason why I shouldn't be drinking lactose-free milk if I'm not lactose intolerant? (it does taste better... and, i am somewhat lactose intolerant.)
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Have you tried non-dairy milks, like almond or soy? I have never been able to stomach "real" milk, even as a child.
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Good ideas, Admiral Haddock, PhoBWanKenobi, and govtdrone! I'll probably start diluting and adding a little sugar to the mix. Maybe some vanilla extract too, to mask the flavor? Fortunately, I already have access to regular milk because my fiance drinks it.

yeoz, I don't think there's any reason not to drink lactose free milk if you like it and can afford it; I would happily continue to do so, but I can't really justify paying a 353% markup anymore.
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something something: good idea, but unfortunately I don't really like the ones I've tried (soy, almond, and coconut). Also, they too are more expensive than regular cow's milk. There are no local sources for LF or non-dairy milks, and everything is imported.

Alaska grocery prices are fodder for a whole other question!
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Double check that your low fat milk isn't also low in sugar, as that will make it even less sweet. I don't know how it works where you are but here we get trim (which is low fat but normal sugar) and supertrim (which is low fat and reduced sugar).
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I second the low fat option as it's probably the thickness of the milk that needs getting used to. I used to hate high fat milk but then I started thinking of it more in terms of cream - something you might put on stawberries or cake, and so I would drink more.

If you get cured of diabetes and lost the taste for sugar would you want to redevelop that taste?.

If it's about price rather than wanting to be like everyone else, have you thought about getting lactase tablets and processing low fat milk yourself?
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I disagree. Just cut your self off from the stuff you don't want to use and you will get used to he new stuff in a couple of weeks.
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