Advice on how to display a vintage movie poster
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How should I display and protect a vintage 14x36 insert movie poster?

I have a 14x36" insert movie poster of The Red Skies of Montana.

How should I display it? Thanks for any ideas and suggestions - this is the only vintage movie poster I have!
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Acid free mounting, hang it away from direct sunlight. I collect WWI posters, get them professionally framed and mounted, and they're in great shape. I go to Allan Jeffries on 3rd.
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If you can't afford custom framing, look for a readymade frame that's a bit bigger than the poster, and get a custom mat and backing cut at the frame shop. Way cheaper, and looks just as nice.
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If you can't afford custom framing, I like nonasuch's advice, but still make sure to get acid free and archival quality frames/matts/etc.

That said, the aspect ratio of your poster is going to make it hard to find a readymade frame that can be fudged with custom cut matts/backings. Your best bet really is to save up for custom framing on this particular piece.
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Response by poster: I'm sorry, I should have been more specific: I'm planning to get a custom frame. I'm trying to decide what would look best with this unique format and poster - shadow box? frame with mat? no mat? Thanks!
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I bet a frame like this would be awesome.
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In that case, you should get a simple black frame. Matte or satin in texture rather than glossy or metallic, probably 2-3 inches wide. Either matt in white or not at all. Keep it simple.
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