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Is there a gmail plugin that notifies you when a certain time has passed since you last contacted that person?

I'm notorious for falling out of touch with people, part of it is because I simply lose track of time since our last communication. I'd e-mail people a year later, thinking that just a few months have passed.

Any plugins to help with this?
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Best answer: Hmm. This is not exactly what you're looking for, but it might help you—or at the very least, it might offer ideas about where to search further: Boomerang. See the sections on "The best follow up reminders" and "Remind you if you don't hear back."
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Best answer: Connected is what you're looking for. Reminders based on last contact, and if you'd like it can also integrate with social media to suggest that you ping someone, like when they change jobs or have a birthday.
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Best answer: Yeah, Boomerang is what you're after. It integrates perfectly with Gmail, and you can choose to have emails "resurfaced" (brought back as unread to the top of your inbox) after any period of time: 1 day, 1 hour, 2 weeks, a year, whatever. And you can optionally select to only have it boomerang if you don't hear back.

I use it for managing sales emails with potential clients. Send a quick notice, boomerang in two weeks if I don't hear back.

You can also use Boomerang to schedule emails to be sent later, which is really great for night owls like me who want emails to show up at a good time about an hour into someone's day, instead of getting buried in the morning deluge.
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Best answer: Not a plugin, but sounds like what you're looking for.
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