Has Carlos Fuentes' daughter died?
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Has Carlos Fuentes' daughter died?
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His Wikipedia article says she died yesterday, but it was added by an anonymous contributor with no previous contributions, and her name was misspelled. Google News shows nothing significant, but I have been able to establish that he has three children (Cecilia, 1962, from his first marriage; and Rafael, 1973, and Natasha, 1974, from his second).
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What an odd question. Which one? Unless there is some recent incident you're checking to see if you missed, they're both alive.
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Here is Google News Mexico's articles on the event. It seems that yes, she did pass away.
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Ah, there ya go.
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Babelfish says: "Natacha Lemus Sources, of 29 years of age, daughter of the Mexican writer Carlos Sources and journalist Silvia Lemus, passed away in days last as a result of unemployment cardiac in the city of Mexico. Agency of Ministry Public of Delegation Cuauhtémoc took knowledge from facts, after that it took care of a call which neighbors did of the Morelos colony, in the center of the Federal District."

Unemployment cardiac? Cardiac arrest, maybe?
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If she was born in 1974 and died yesterday she would have been 31 and not 29.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I just heard a rumor, but couldn't find anything in English to confirm the rumor.
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Unemployment cardiac is my new favorite phrase.
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Translated from El Universal:

Mexico City - The only daughter of Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes with his wife Silvia Lemus died today from cardiac arrest at age 29, reported Mexican television.

The death of Natasha Fuentes Lemus occurs six years after the passing away of her brother Carlos, 24, who suffered from hemophilia, noted DPA.

According to the Televisa network, the rest of the family will be keeping vigil tonight in the Fuentes house, to the south of the Mexican capital.

It was not revealed when she died.
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