Making copies of old hand drawn art.
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I have some hand drawn portraits by my late Grandfather, they were drawn on thin paper before he went to the Southern Pacific during WWII. I would like to make sure other people in the family have copies. What is the best way in Seattle to make copies?
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I just did something like this. What you want is someone familiar with photographing art and documents. It will be more expensive than putting it on a copier or scanning it, but it's a more gentle process and, when done well, generates a better result. I'm lucky in that I already have the setup.

I don't know the Seattle market, but contacting a local university photography school or a few galleries should net you a recommendation or two.
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If the drawings are unframed and can be handled safely, I'd scan them (or have it done). If they're framed or too delicate, you should have someone with experience photographing art (not just any old photographer) shoot them for you. It should not be hard to find someone in Seattle to do this. Make sure you communicate your expectations about what you'd like from them in advance though - digital files, prints, etc.
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