The Gift of Health
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I'd like to give one of my relatives health insurance for Christmas. She's a freelancer in Brooklyn. What do you recommend?

My relative is in her 30s, a freelancer, lives in Brooklyn, and takes medication for depression.

Has anyone had good luck with Freelancers Union insurance? Is Freelancers Medical a decent place to get healthcare? Is there comparable insurance available?

Also, is this even logistically possible? I imagine she has to apply for it herself?
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Have you investigated insurance prices? Because paying for her insurance will probably cost you $100 to $500 a month depending on the plan and her health. It's a wonderful gesture if you can afford that, but she will have to do all the work of applying and then you will just pay the bill or reimburse her every month. The best option is going to depend on her health and your budget.
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I've been reasonably satisfied with Freelancers Insurance in Brooklyn. The coverage for the low-end option I chose is similar to what I used to get through employer-provided insurance. The price of copays, prescriptions, lab tests and so forth increased significantly each year during the first few years of the plan, though they managed to hold the line for 2013.

Freelancers Medical is brand new, but in my limited experience so far, they've been great. The $0 copay for office visits and lab tests makes a big difference. Feel free to message me if you'd like more details.

I believe that Freelancers Insurance only accepts payment via direct bank account deduction, which may or may not complicate the gift idea.
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I have multiple friends and acquaintances who use Freelancer's Union here in NYC, having spent a great deal of time researching other options. It seems to be the health care provider of choice for all independent folks who can afford the cost.
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I bought my own insurance for a while, and found the best deal was Empire Blue Cross.
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I couldn't resist saying that that is such a thoughtful, amazing Christmas gift! Wow. I hope it ends up being doable.
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