What to do with leftover browned butter with sugar in it?
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Bakingfilter: What can I do with superfluous boiled browned butter + brown sugar?

I was making Monkey Bread this morning, and have extra boiled butter+sugar mix. There's a little stuck to the bottom of the pan (not burned), and the sugar isn't completely dissolved into what's left of the butter (this was a very ad-hoc project, I realize).

What can I do with it? Is there some sort of easy candy/baking/? to make?

Can I use a little alcohol to de-glaze the pan?
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If it were me, I'd scrape it out, store it in the fridge, and have it on toast.
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That stuff would be amazing on grilled peaches or pineapple. I guess you can stove top grill them since it is December.
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Do you have any heavy cream on hand? You can make butterscotch sauce
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Use it as a base for hot buttered rum?
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is one of the tastiest Christmas confections my family makes, and it just happens to use the butter/sugar boiled combo...
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Add a bit more butter, either (real) maple syrup or honey and cook over low heat until combined, the sugar is dissolved, and the mixture is slightly thickened. Use as a dip/sauce for ham. Delish.
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Averiecooks.com has some tasty recipes that could use this.
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I'd just drizzle it over fruit. Or better yet, pancakes/waffles + fruit + buttered sugar. Sounds so good!
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pineapple upside down cake? (or pear)
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From the ideas above, I have made that butterscotch sauce, grilled pineapple, the candy (toffee crack), upside down cake (both pineapple and pear) and the ham sauce. (I probably like brown sugar just a bit too much!!) In addition:

You could make an apple pie and pour this mixture over the apples before you put the top crust on.

If you do the pear upside-down cake that small_ruminant suggested, I've made a recipe that used a gingerbread (gingercake??) recipe instead of white cake. It was fabulous. I don't have the actual recipe any more, but I think any spicy ginger-batter would work. There was an AskMe earlier this week with a lot of links to recipes.

That mix is also the start of the recipe for candied sweet potatoes. The sugar/butter mix will keep in the fridge for a week if you were planning to have sweet potatoes for Christmas.
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You could try to make kettle corn, which is usually made by heating up vegetable oil, adding some sugar once it's hot, and then adding in the corn to pop, shaking furiously in a covered pot. The butter will burn faster, made worse by already having the sugar in it, but heating the mixture up slowly and maybe it will work.

No guarantees but I'd definitely try it. Add a bit of salt and shake after all of it's popped.
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I can't stop thinking about waffles, with that drizzled on top. Also, you can mix just about anything into scones.
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Cocoa Brownies with Browned Butter and Walnuts from Bon Appetit -- do you know how much sugar? Just subtract it from the 1 1/4c in the (quite good) recipe.
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Response by poster: Whoa... YUM. Thanks everyone!! Great ideas! (In the midst of pre-christmas baking burn-out.)
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Saltine Toffee
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Seconding saltine toffee! IT'S THE BEST. THE BESTEST.

You can also use plain salted potato chips.

(THE BEST!!!!)
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For future reference: Baked Apples. Nuts and raisins totally optional; I never include them.
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Me? I'd be making a brown sugar variant of the insanely good brown butter and bourbon ice cream.
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