Peanut Butter Cake
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In a normal cake mix recipe (mix+oil+water+eggs) is there anything I can successfully substitute with peanut butter?

Or is there an amazing recipe that I can use funfetti chocolate box cake and peanut butter to make? I have basic kitchen ingredients.

Or should I make a normal cake and do peanut butter frosting?

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From Ms. Vegetable:
I have not had very good luck substituting PB in a cake recipe, but it usually works very well to just add it. I also recommend PB chips and chocolate chips on top, if you have those.
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Thank so much
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My personal vote would be for a peanut butter frosting layer in the middle of the chocolate cake to get a Reese's effect, rather than mixing it all in together.
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I would bake it in a bundt pan. Mix the cake as normal, then pull out 1 cup or so of batter and mix with 1/2 cup peanut butter. Pour half the plain batter into the bundt pan, then the pb batter, then the rest of the plain batter.

You could probably do this marble-style in a regular pan, but bundts are extra fun.
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Not ever having tried what you describe, I vote for peanut butter frosting on principle.
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You could try replacing the oil and water with peanut butter, but I suspect it would make the cake heavy and it probably wouldn't be enough PB to taste it. I would go with the PB frosting to get the most flavor from it.
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