Where to get a replacement end-piece for an Apple MagSafe airline adapter?
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Where to get a replacement end-piece for an Apple MagSafe airline adapter?

The Apple MagSafe airline adapter comes with a male EmPower to male 12V DC auto plug adapter end-piece that looks like this. I want to find a replacement, but so far haven't found it anywhere (except for that one Finnish site from where I linked the picture). I'd be happy with a generic part—I'm no Apple fanboy here—but the closest I've been able to find are ones that provide a female 12V auto adapter end, like this one.

Has anyone found male EmPower to male 12V DC auto plug adapters anywhere?
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Best answer: Everything I have found online says that Apple doesn't sell that piece separately, so you'd have to buy a whole new airline adapter to get the piece you're looking for. That said, if you live near an Apple store, you might just stop by sometime and inquire about it, giving the sob story about losing just that piece and not wanting to have to buy the whole adapter to get it. Sometimes a sympathetic Apple store employee has been known to make magic happen with small bits like that.

(But of course you may also want to wait until well after the holiday rush and post-holiday rush are over as you might find them to be less stressed and more helpful...)
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Response by poster: @noonewilleverloveyou: That's a good idea—I will try this after the holidays :-). Thanks for the suggestion.

However, I know non-Apple versions of such things exist because I've seen them as part of other adapters. It's just that I haven't found them sold separately. So, I'm still hoping someone will know of a source....
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