We don't need rust proofing, we just need a state inspection
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Car inspection time in Philadelphia! Help us not get screwed over.

My girlfriend and I both need to get our cars inspected and we are looking for good, local garages. In the past, she has taken her car to the Pepboys around the corner but they always seem to find something wrong that costs her hundreds of dollars and she’d prefer not to deal with them again. I’ve never had my car inspected in Pennsylvania before but it’s relatively new and I almost never drive so I’m not that worried about it.

We’d like to find a place that is local and won’t rip us off. We live in Fishtown/Northern Liberties and would prefer to find a garage in that area but we’re willing to travel to other parts of the city if there’s a fantastic garage somewhere else. Weekend hours are a must as we’d like to get this done sooner rather than later.
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I live in Fishtown and generally go to Smitty's for my auto needs. It's basically hidden, without so much as a sign outside, but they're always very helpful and don't overcharge.

I've also been treated well at O'Brien's.
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Perky's in Hatboro. Yes, it's a 45-minute drive. However, they've been our family mechanic for many years and are ABSURDLY honest and fair, and will do their damndest to get you inspected as cheaply and quickly as possible.
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I always suggest searching for a mechanic in the Car Talk Mechanics Files. They have tons of recommendations and reviews all across the country.
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I used to go to a place in South Philly that was awesome. They passed my car every year despite the fact that (among other things) it couldn't go in reverse, at all. Memail me for details!
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Red's and Sons has always been very honest and done good work for us -- I think they're at the northern edge of Center City. Can't promise that they won't find something, though -- I think that's just the way inspection (and car ownership) tends to fall out.
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I wound up going to O'Brien's. Tried to call Smitty's but they did not have any weekend hours. O'Brien's is within walking distance of my apartment so I took my car there and it passed without any issue. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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