WordStarter doesn't do footnotes and I don't do Windows
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I use WordStarter 2010. I'm editing footnotes in a manuscript for a client, and have discovered to my great dismay that WordStarter 2010 doesn't have footnotes enabled — I can change the wording in existing notes, or delete them, but not add new ones or renumber existing ones. Does anyone have any suggestions for a work around that won't involve my having to buy Microsoft Office?
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OpenOffice? Info about footnotes/endnotes in OpenOffice. Importing Word docs into OpenOffice. Be aware that there are formatting issues with importing--the usual suggestion is to import that doc to OpenOffice, save in native OpenOffice format, fix any formatting issues and just proceed in OpenOffice from that point forward.
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You can try any of the free Office suites (e.g. OpenOffice, LibreOffice, StarOffice, ThinkFree Office), or the free AbiWord, or Google Drive... there are literally so many free options so easy to trip over on the Internet, most of which will import your Word documents (if they don't work with .docx, then you should be able to save them as .doc from Word Starter). Most of these are available for Linux and Macintosh as well as Windows.

You can also install a trial version of Office that will let you get past this particular issue, assuming you'll be finished with that job within the trial time limit.

You're going to have to buy Office eventually, though. You can't tell a paying client "I can't work on this document because I am unwilling to buy the tools that every professional uses."
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My son is writing papers for college with Libre Office so I can attest that the footnoting feature works well. He even rebuffed my offer to buy Office if he needs it.
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There's also the option of uploading the document to Google Docs, which also supports footnotes.
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I downloaded Libre Office. It works quite well. Thanks!
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