how to break 15 minute track into 15 1-minute tracks?
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I use an H2 Zoom recorder. How can I break up our sessions into different tracks, after the fact?

We recorded a long music session today, and I'd like to break it into tracks, on the Zoom, rather than dumping one enormous track into GarageBand. Any idea how?
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I don't think you can break the tracks up on the Zoom. If you don't like doing the cutting in Garage Band, give Audacity a try.
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Even if you could you'd lose your mind. Yeah, just open them in Audacity or any other stereo audio editor and cut and paste to your heart's content.
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Seriously dump them to a desktop or laptop and work on them there. Never ever ever ever ever edit the originals on your recorder. It's just too darn dangerous! ALWAYS work on a copy. And I'd recommend Audacity
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